Engineered Flooring Cardiff

Why install engineered flooring in Cardiff?

When thinking about installing a new floor, people often weigh up the relative merits of solid wood flooring and cheaper alternatives such as laminates. However, there is a relatively new product on the market which combines the quality and timeless appeal of real wood with the convenience and flexibility of laminate flooring: engineered flooring.

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Engineered flooring in a nutshell

First and foremost, engineered flooring is a real wood floor constructed from solid timber. The difference is in the way it is put together. Engineered flooring is formed by gluing and pressing multiple layers of hardwood or soft ply together – usually between three and twelve layers – to form a surface three-eighths to three-quarters of an inch thick. Engineered floors are cross-layered for maximum strength, with the top hardwood veneer wear layer the only visible part once the floor has been installed. This can be made of practically any species of wood you like and finished to your specification.

Up to 80 years life

Depending on the type of engineered floor you choose and the traffic in your home or business, engineered floors can last a lifetime. Providing you choose a quality supplier, the main factor in the shelf life of your engineered flooring is in the thickness of the veneer wear layer. Thicker layers can be sanded numerous times to get rid of scratches and dings, just as you would with a solid wood floor, making these types of floor the most durable. Floors with thin veneer wear layers will need to be recoated eventually, reducing their longevity.

Flexible installation

Another benefit of engineered flooring is how quickly and easy it can be installed. Unlike solid wood flooring, installing engineered flooring is a fairly simple task for the competent DIY fan and is sanded and sealed in advance to save even more time and effort. Engineered flooring can also be installed in areas that you would never be able to put a solid wall floor in. For example, in areas that are prone to damp, like many houses here in Cardiff, engineered flooring is ideal due to its moisture resistant properties. Many types of engineered floor can be glued to concrete or nailed to joists or a plywood sub-floor, although a sub-floor is not usually needed. Floating floors of engineered wood are not secured at all, giving homeowners even more flexibility, and design features such as bevelled edges can enhance the aesthetic.

Cardiff homeowners

Finally, while it is true that there are less expensive surfaces than engineered flooring, Cardiff homeowners should bear in mind that homes with engineered floors are valued just as highly by potential buyers as those with solid wooden floors. Add to that fact the durability and flexibility that an engineered floor offers and it is easy to see why many people see them as providing the most value for money.