Wooden Flooring

The Benefits of Wood for your Cardiff Floor

Due to advances in modern manufacturing, the price of hardwood floors has come down enough to make them feasible for people on a budget. Although wooden flooring is always going to be that bit more extensive than alternative surfaces, and will require professional installation, many homeowners are happy to pay that bit more to enjoy all of the advantages a wooden floor provides.

Here are some of the benefits of choosing wood:

Timeless Aesthetic

Unlike carpets and vinyl tiles, wood doesn’t seem to be susceptible to the whims of fashion and always lends a touch of class to any home. Each piece of natural wood comes with its own unique grain and patterning which adds to its charm.

Even if a carpet is plain enough to survive changes in taste, give it a few years and it will start to look stained and worn, particularly if it is fitted in a high traffic area. Even solid wood alternatives such as engineered wood or laminate will only last as long as the top veneer layer before they start to look shabby.

In contrast, wood actually improves with age and, providing you give it an occasional sand, seal and wax, will last for decades to come.

Cleaning and Hygiene

A hardwood floor is simple to keep clean; all that is required is a broom, dustpan and brush, vacuum cleaner, bucket, mop and some elbow grease. And with no fibres to harbour dust mites, fleas and the like, you can keep your family safe from potential allergy and bites. Carpets are also notorious for holding on to unpleasant odours from pets and spillages, unlike wooden floorboards.

Underfloor Heating

Wooden floors are ideally suited to the installation of underfloor heating and are good at trapping warm air. Underfloor heating is now seen as the most efficient way to heat a home, helping you to save money on your heating bills.

Authentic Feel and Sound

The amazing development of laminate and engineered wood technology has led to alternative flooring surfaces that can be mistaken for real wood at a glance, with embossing techniques even able to mimic the grain and imperfections in natural substances like wood. But no technique has yet been able to compete with the feel and sound of a true wooden floor. When you walk on laminate, even if there is a thick underlay beneath, the sound is unmistakeably hard and hollow, unlike the smooth, warm timbre of real wood. Likewise, running your hand across a laminate floor will immediately reveal it as an artificial material. The properties of wooden floors not only affect their look, sound and feel, they also provide a more friendly surface to bones and joints than unyielding alternatives.


If you are planning on selling your Cardiff home, whether in the near or distant future, laying a wooden floor is actually an investment. Estate agents claim that homes with wooden floors sell twice as quickly as those without, while a wooden floor is a failsafe way of adding value to your home.